Frequently asked questions.

Below are some answers to questions most often asked by people new to shooting. Just click on the text panels to scroll through and if you don't find what you're looking for please email us.

Is shooting safe ?
Extremely safe! Safety is very important to us and we never let anyone handle a rifle unsupervised until we are absolutely certain they are safe. We ensure that everyone is given a safety talk and is able to demonstrate a knowledge of the safety requirements. Through these measures observed by all clubs, the sport is much safer than playing football or rugby.
Is rifle shooting difficult
Not at all, in fact rifle shooting is a sport enjoyed by men and women from 12 to 80 + years of age. Like any skill practice will improve your standard of personal achievement, but you don't have to be a champion to enjoy the activity.
Do I need special equipment ?
Something comfortable that you don’t mind lying down on a floor matt in to start off with. Jeans, trainers and a fleece jumper are often favoured, but what ever you feel comfortable in will do. On top of this you will wear a shooting jacket and elbow pads provided by the club. When you become proficient you will use more specialised equipment and clothing that you can purchase yourself.
How old do I have to be to start ?
As a general rule we suggest over 12 years old however, some individuals can be younger. You basically need to be strong enough to safely hold and control a 6.5 kg rifle and have a responsible attitude. We constantly supervise anyone regardless of age who is new until we are 100% sure they are safe.
I already have a FAC, can I join now ?
If you already have a fire arms certificate and want to transfer from another club you can do so with a reference from your former club and then, after a few visits to shoot at NBRC to get to know the members, approval from the committee will be needed.
Is shooting expensive, do I need a licence ?
Target shooting is not especially expensive when compared to other activities. Club membership is currently £70 per annum with concessions for students and couples. Probationary members pay £4 per evening to shoot. This includes instruction and supervision, equipment, ammunition and insurance. Rifles vary in price as does ancillary equipment and the total cost has a lot to do with how much individuals want to spend.

Probationary members do not need a firearms certificate to shoot at the club. Applying for a firearms certificate may come later and is subject to approval by Avon and Somerset Constabulary's
Firearms Licensing Team.
Can anyone join this club ?
Club rules require all probationary members to attend the club regularly for a six month period. During this time you will get to know other members of the club and become familiar with the safe use of a target rifle. After the six months is up if you wish to apply for membership the committee will decide if you are a suitable candidate. NBRC is a private club so admission is not automatic after the probationary period is over. Whether you are proposed is not based on how well you shoot but on how safe you are handling a rifle and how well you fit in and get on with the rest of the membership.
However, there are some exceptions to the above. Under the Firearms Act 1968, any person who has been sentenced to preventive detention, or imprisonment or to corrective training for a term of three years or more shall not at any time have a firearm or ammunition in their possession. This may preclude any involvement with NBRC.
Great, I'm really interested, what do I do next ?

Contact the club using the contact form, or contact the secretary via the footer below. If you prefer you can telephone using the number on the contact page. Either way you will receive a reply with instructions on how and when to come to the club. We look forward to seeing you !

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