Joining North Bristol Rifle Club.

The club is now re-opened and we have spaces for new members.

The club is run by and supported by its membership. There are many reasons to become a member of a shooting club. Members of NBRC enjoy many benefits. As members they are able to enter club, county and national competitions. Members can apply for a Firearms Certificate that will allow them to purchase their own rifle and ammunition. They can attend organised shoots at other clubs, Bisley and at the Magor full bore range. There is also the social side of belonging to a club, meeting new people and making friends. To become a member, you need to pass a 6 month probation period during which you will be expected to attend the club and shoot regularly. There must also be no reason why you would not be allowed to handle a firearm. These are conditions that apply to all shooting clubs and not just NBRC. The cost of membership is currently around £70 for the year and the club membership is limited to 40 members. Any team competitions you enter as a member of the club, will be paid for by the club.
  • The Firing Points Viewed From The Range

  • A Ten Spot Target Card

  • Firing Points and Mats

Club rules require all probationary members to attend the club regularly for a six month period. During this time you will get to know the other members of the club and become familiar with the safe use of a target rifle.

After the six months is up if you wish to apply for membership the committee will decide if you are a suitable candidate. NBRC is a private club so admission is not automatic after the probationary period is over.

Whether you are proposed is not based on how well you shoot but on how safe you are around firearms and how well you fit in and get on with the rest of the membership.

NBRC is committed to equal opportunity for membership without regard to age, ancestry, disability, nationality or ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender or political preference.

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